Bitpapa: The Rising Digital Form Of Currency

Cryptocurrency is the type of currency that exists in the virtual world that is often used to conduct online transactions without the need or interference of any central authority like a government or bank. Terms like crypto or crypto-currency are some other common words used for the same click here. The existence of these digital currencies is purely digital (stored in digital wallets) and cannot be used for any transactions in the real world.

This digital payment system is a peer to peer system that enables anyone to send and receive payments to or from anyone anywhere around the globe. Crypto currencies use a decentralized system instead of a regulating authority or central issuing to record transactions and issue new units. When their funds are transferred, the transactions get recorded in a public ledger. encryption, that is, advanced coding to store and transmit cryptos.

What is the use of Cryptocurrencies?

Now that you know what cryptos are, you may be confused as to what their use is. They are digital currencies that cannot be used in the real world. So, what is its use? When Bitcoin, the first Cryptocurrency and the most relevant one was introduced, it was intended to be a form of currency that can be used for daily transactions, to buy all kinds of commodities no matter how small or big it is. Even though it has not yet become the reality, the number of institutions accepting Cryptocurrencies is increasing with each passing day. Yet, large transactions involving cryptocurrencies are still very rare.

The following are a few examples of transactions that can be done using cryptocurrencies.

  • Technology devices and e-commerce websites

There are a number of companies that sell tech products that accept cryptocurrencies. Some examples of the same are, AT&T, Microsoft, Shopify, Rakuten, etc. An e-commerce platform called Overstock was among the first websites to accept Bitcoin.

  • Luxury Goods

A few luxury retailers allow Cryptos as a form of payment. Some examples of the same are Rolex, Patek Philippe, etc. Car retailers like Tesla, BMW, Ferris, etc. also now accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment.

  • Insurance

From 2021 onwards, Swiss insurers called AXA announced that they are starting to allow Bitcoin as a mode of payment for most of their lines except for life insurance.

There are now even debit cards like BitPay in the US that allows one to use Cryptocurrencies at a retailer if they won’t take them directly.

In this increasing era of technology, the relevance of the virtual world is increasing. So, it is not surprising to see that cryptos are gaining popularity and a day may come when they will take over real-world money. It is time we make our investments in Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin now to prepare ourselves for the future. With enough savings of cryptocurrency we can live our life as we wish on buying anything we want using these types of cryptocurrencies but what’s more important knows a good idea about the platform and then only showing interest otherwise we may get trapped by fake agencies and platforms