Creative Trade Show Display Ideas to Showcase Your Brand


Trade show booth design is a complex balance of marketing principles, construction techniques, and customer engagement principles. Making your brand stand out requires fresh trade show display ideas. Attendees have all seen trade show displays before. So, it is natural that they have lost any real sense of excitement about going to yet another event. 

Trade show displays combine your brand story with an engaging marketing message to grab visitor attention. All while you sit in a huge room with your competition on the floor with you. So, always begin with your brand message and your current marketing campaign goals. Your trade show booth design must align with the rest of your company’s efforts. 

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Interactive Space in Trade Show Booth Design

Sometimes trade show displays forget the basics. Every booth must be welcoming and encourage customer interaction. By desperately trying to grasp attention, some booths simply go too far with excessive colors, lights, and random tech. 

Consider your trade show booth design like you would as you consider the furniture layout in a room. You don’t want everything in the middle, making it impossible to move through the space. Just as importantly, you don’t want everything pushed up against the walls, providing no way to engage with others in the space. A kiosk or counter at the entrance can create a foyer to control access and make sure customers know exactly what is expected of them. Don’t hide the front door! Seating areas allow visitors to take a break, but make sure all aisles are clear and clutter-free for easy access.  

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Themed Trade Show Display Ideas

Themed exhibits done right create a unique and memorable visitor experience. Use the theme in your pre-show marketing, giveaways, uniforms, merchandising, and even post-show promotions. What a great way to improve brand recall!

Selfie Photo Booths

Set up a branded backdrop with unique humorous or drool-worthy props. Have a photogenic mascot? Perfect! Visitors stop by to take selfies with friends, but you also get free advertising when they upload their pictures to social media sites. Get your hashtags loaded!

Trade Show Displays with Games, Giveaways, and Contests 

A bit of fun during a long day of endless sales pitches and product demos sounds pretty good! In-booth contests tap into inherent competitiveness, too. Passersby notice your fun games, so it is easy to keep visitors engaged. Use the audience’s participation in games for lead creation.

Plan for some exciting prizes for contest winners. Also, keep in mind the ultimate goal of getting leads and selling your brand.  

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In Conclusion

Implement these creative trade show display ideas for greater success at your next event. And always remember that trade show displays will require a complex balance of marketing, construction, and customer engagement for your trade show booth design to be a success. Create some interactivity, a theme, a photo booth, or a game to make a long-term impact on customer relationships. Good luck at your next event as you showcase your brand!