How distance learning can advance your career

Distance learning from overseas has never been easier or more rewarding thanks to the numerous high-quality online programs now available. While on-campus programs will usually require you to pause your career, particularly if the course is full-time, an online course can be completed alongside your work life. This means you don’t need to miss out on opportunities for progression while you are studying for your postgraduate qualification. 

A 100% online program gives you the flexibility to study from just about anywhere in the world, provided you have access to a reliable internet connection. You will need a good understanding of the language in which the program is delivered, not just written but also spoken since your online program is likely to include interactive classes which give you an opportunity to ask questions and discuss issues with peers and tutors. The more you are able to engage actively in these interactive sessions, the more you will get from your course. 

Online learning has been transformed in recent years, taking advantage of the latest technology for delivering course material in innovative and engaging ways. Universities now employ educational technology specialists to develop their online program materials and optimize their accessibility. This specialist design ensures that the content is delivered in formats that keep students motivated to persevere with their studies. From videos and podcasts to live discussion forums and other virtual events, your online degree course will offer so much more than just reference books to read and assignments to submit. With mobile-optimized content, you can even work through some of your studies while commuting or during a lunch break. 

If you are interested in studying for a postgraduate qualification such as an MBA, you may be concerned about the impact of pausing your career to undertake your studies. However, with flexible options such as a part-time online degree program, there is no need to defer career advancement in order to complete your MBA. The flexible nature of an online postgraduate program allows you to keep moving your career forward, as well as accommodating other commitments as needed, such as family life. You learn at your own pace, fitting your studies around your schedule. 

Customizing your online MBA 

Many MBA programs allow you to tailor your degree, with a range of elective modules. This means you can make your degree course even more relevant to your particular career path, and work through a manageable number of modules at a time. If you anticipate going through a particularly hectic phase in your career, you can speak to the MBA school and explore opportunities to defer the completion of your studies. Customizing your degree to your interests can also be a boost to your career advancement, as your new knowledge and skills can be applied immediately in the workplace and can give you a competitive edge over other candidates when promotion opportunities arise. Rather than being an obstacle to career progression, studying for an MBA while working can quickly have a positive impact on your career. You will also find that your current or prospective employers will value your commitment to further learning and personal development and will be more likely to single you out as a person who is keen to progress and who shows a strong work ethic. 

Studying for an MBA online gives you the chance to develop a network of international contacts, without even needing to leave home. Unlike on-campus programs, which will require you to relocate and may necessitate a visa application to live overseas, an online course allows you to study without disruption to your life. If you have a family, it means you have all the benefits of being part of an international study program without the upheaval of either being away from your family or uprooting them to relocate with you to another country. 

When you are choosing an online postgraduate degree, look for a school that provides good support services and resources for students. Support services will help to make it easier for you to keep your studies on track, as well as offering career guidance. As part of your online program, you should have access to a wide range of resources, such as an online library and a virtual learning environment. 

For example, Aston Business School’s online MBA is a global program designed for working professionals who already have several years of management experience. It is fully online and is completed in two years and is accessible to students with no undergraduate degree provided they have a minimum of seven years of experience in business. 

Is a distance learning degree recognized?

In today’s world, online degrees are on par with conventional degrees undertaken on campus. The quality of education will depend on the school which is running the program, not the means of delivering the content. You will find that some brick-and-mortar universities run both types of programs, online and campus-based, with both leading to the same standard of qualification. According to research by the Northeastern University Centre for the Future of Higher Education and Talent Strategy, a majority of HR leaders believe that in the future, most postgraduate degrees will be completed online, and a high percentage of organizations have hired applicants with an online degree in the last year. With remote working having increased dramatically over the last five years, it is no surprise that studying is moving in the same direction. 

Choosing to study at a school with a good reputation, notable accreditation, and high rankings means that your online degree will be respected and recognized by employers around the world, including in countries such as Jordan and the United Arab Emirates. Once you have completed your qualification, you can expect it to serve as a passport to new career opportunities and advancement.