How to build a successful photographer business online?

Starting an online photography business seems daunting, but with the right strategy and tools, you build a successful and fulfilling career. As a photographer in the digital age, you have immense opportunities to market your services, sell your artwork, teach workshops, and find freelance gigs.

Define your niche

The first step is to define your niche within photography. The industry has expanded into countless directions like weddings, family portraits, headshots, real estate, events, landscapes, and more. Focus on the 1-3 genres you feel most passionate about, play to your strengths, and identify specific target clients ideal for your specialty. For example, Tony Ebersole Photography specializes in senior portraits and family lifestyle sessions, bringing out authentic emotion and connections within Mountain West communities.

Build your online presence

Having a professional website that displays and sells your work is vital. Use stunning galleries, client testimonials, booking systems, and clear pricing. For Tony, his large imagery, minimalist design, and emphasis on capturing connections among families define his mountain modern aesthetic.

Social media

Promote your website and work across Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and any other platforms popular within your target demographic. Release your best content, behind-the-scenes looks at shoots, special promotions, and any media features. Engage with users and consistently post to build an audience.

Search engine optimization

Leveraging search engine optimization best practices ensures clients find you when searching for local photographers online. Perform keyword research around your specialty and niche then intentionally include these throughout your content. Tony Ebersole lancaster photographer ranks highly in Mountain West towns for a senior photographer, family lifestyle photographer, and related terms.


Launching a photography blog fuels your SEO strategy while also positioning you as an industry thought leader. Post tutorials, gear guides, case studies from shoots, business tips, and other value-focused content ideal for your niche. Invite clients and brands to guest post too for more perspectives.

Get featured as a photographer

A powerful marketing tactic is getting featured as a photographer in media publications, contests, online galleries, speaking events, and anywhere else relevant to your target customers. Actively pitch creative professionals, editors, and influencers to share your projects. Tony has earned features in various Mountain West lifestyle outlets over the past decade by consistently providing breath-taking and emotionally compelling imagery aligned to the respective publication’s aesthetics.

Craft your packages + pricing

With a defined specialty and brand identity formed online, craft tailored packages + pricing suited for your ideal clients. Offer everything from basic family mini-sessions through full-day wedding collections based on your scope. Transparently display investment costs across all products and services on your website with the ability to instantly book and pay. Make sure to account for lighting rentals, editing labor, printing, travel, and additional expenses within rates too so profit margins remain healthy.

Develop your skills + stay inspired

Committing to constant learning and inspiration sustains creativity over decades as established pro schedule personal projects exploring new techniques, styles, and subjects without client constraints. Watch tutorials from proven leaders like Tony Ebersole and test methods immediately in practice. Attend conferences or workshops when possible too. The key is balancing paid gigs with continually pushing your artistic abilities for fulfilment.


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