LED Video Walls and The Growing Business Demands

LED video walls are changing the outlook of the masses concerning public video displays. With a rising demand for picture quality, these dynamic video walls have replaced the tough-to-handle projector system for good.

LED walls have become a standard means for displaying video among the high-valued business groups in Canada. Whether it’s a recreational space or a place for serious business affairs, these video walls have made their way up like a pro.

The advantages of LED video walls over conventional video projecting devices are many. Firstly, the picture quality of LED video walls is incomparable to any contemporary appliances. They have a larger distance to clarity ratio, which makes them the perfect fit for large audience screenings. The LED video walls can be arranged in a variety of sizes. This makes them suitable for usage in business spaces of any height and width.

The life of LED video walls is larger than normal display devices. Some video walls like Nummax LED screen wall promise up to 10 years of service life. This is easily two times the normal lifespan of such devices.

An LED video wall is the most effective way to attribute a modern outlook to your business. They are available in many variants. Choosing the right pixel pitch is an important decision when you switch to LED video walls. The pixel pitch is simply the distance between two-pixel squares. Depending on the average distance between the screen and the audience, this quantity is to be decided. To get a perfect image, the rule goes like this: for every 1.8m a 1 mm distance is to be counted.

The common pixel pitch values are 1.86mm, 2.4mm, and 4mm.

The installation of video walls is now easier than ever. They come in standard and customizable cabinets, which make them easy to install. They also eliminate the calibration issues between the equipment and, thus, help to stream uninterrupted video output. It is really necessary for restaurants and resto-bars today to have a video wall. The business in peak hours can be much dependent on the efficiency of your LED video wall. So, do not hesitate to choose the best among the many options available.

The most important factor to consider before buying an LED video wall is the service efficiency of the vendor. Since these appliances work on minuscule diodes and rectifiers, you must be given enough technical support after the purchase of your brand new video wall. Broadcast your brand’s name to a bigger and better audience in Quebec with the help of these new-age LED video walls.