To Maintain A Plant OEE Definition Helps A Lot

There is certain thing to have to maintain a proper manufacturing plant process.  The Overall equipment efficiency calculation is the one to get you a brief idea about which areas need to be updated. The basic definition of OEE is compared to its full potential how well a plant is operating. When a plant is first implemented the basic ideas are to get productivity out of OEE Definition within certain time and with minimal cost. The plant increment depends upon the managements ideas. The more it will use the ideas and make a profit out of the plant. The plant needs to get into a good process making system. To know the fault in the plant a huge number of excel sheet needs to be study properly.

Various plants

There are various plants processing study material in PDF format available in the internet based cloud system. The plant needs to go through several types of inspection and material to be checked properly for its ultimate use. The goods comes out of the plant needs to be perfect in the matter of quality. To maintain the plant a mathematical form of plant process is much needed to evaluate the flaws in the system and by checking all the parameters the plant process will be good.

The prior definition of OEE is it is a key performance indicator that shows the efficiency of a equipments ideal performance to its real performance. The equipment has a performance graph in the ideal condition in which the equipment works flawlessly. But at the time of processing, performance of equipment lacks very much due to circumstances. There are various parameter which affected the goods also thus the quality will decrease. This whole things affects the Overall Equipment Effectiveness thus depreciate its work time and work flow. There are some areas where OEE loses are huge to maintain such loses some areas need to be improvised properly. To calculate the OEE the main formula is Availability X Quality X Performance

Standardization problems-One of most common things to maintain is standardization product for the institute. When you stop producing one part and alter the equipment to fit the needs of another part, the machine will experience disruption and substandard products will be manufactured. The severity of the loss is determined by the following factors:

  • Servicing Grade for Industry Standardized Components
  • Durability and Reliability of Instruments
  • Degree of Operators Competence
  • Equipment Compatibility

Starting issue

In the early stage when machine is just starting up the machine needs to be properly started as per the guideline. The drop in sales that occurs during the early stages of production, from machine startup and the machine producing typically under quality production, is referred to as this type of loss. The severity of the loss is determined by factors such as:

  • Maintenance Tools for Equipment
  • Ingredients in the Raw materials
  • Level of Operator Competence

Defective material

This happens due to some circumstances where the loses will be huge if not properly arrested. Degradation of quality due to a malfunctioning device or gear is a very normal problem every industry has. The severity of the loss is determined by factors such as:

  • Maintenance Tools for Equipment
  • Materials in the Raw
  • Level of Operator Competence

Breakdown issue

Equipment performance is impacted by a sudden unexpected device failure. A very common though a problem which have to be a part of a plant daily routine.  The following are the factors:

  • Breakdowns of major mechanical parts
  • Failures of electrical systems
  • Missteps of the structure

In all the areas some are major problem some are minor problems if the problems wil be sort out within certain time then the weekly efficiency will not be hampered by this situation but this is always need to carry in the mind that these are not big problems just some daily routine checking can be done in the plant which will gives a proper ideas about the machinery physical condition. Here are some ideas about how to check the machinery daily to make a good working condition.

  1. Before every day working hour start check all the machine properly with an experienced person.
  2. Oiling of the machinery is most needed every day after work oiling of machine must be included in the chart of work.
  3. Having the proper parts of the machine is always a necessary, if some parts got into trouble there is no need to exchange with other machineries part.
  4. Make an oee SAP for further knowing about the issue.
  5. Analyzing software must be used.
  6. KPI must be implemented.