10 Foolproof Ways to Get Your Restaurant Customers to Order More Online

In today’s digital age, restaurants must take advantage of the latest technologies and tools to keep up with the competition. As more people turn to online ordering for their convenience and safety, it is essential that restaurant owners create a process that will attract customers to order online instead of in-store.

To make this happen, there are several foolproof methods that can be used to get your customers to order more online.

Make it easy.

Ensure that the ordering process is as simple and streamlined as possible. Your customers should not have any difficulty finding items, checking out, and completing payment.

Also make sure that your checkout page looks professional and the customer feels secure when entering their personal information.

Use data to your advantage.

Analyze data from customer orders to figure out which promotions have worked and which have not. This will help you understand what customers respond to best and give you insight into how to better promote your online ordering system and get more customers using it.

Create an engaging website.

Your website should be attractive, easy to navigate, and provide a pleasant user experience. Make sure that all menus, photographs, graphics, and other elements look professional and make it simple for your customers to find what they are looking for.

Send out emails.

Email marketing is an effective way of reaching out to existing customers as well as potential customers. Create emails that include promotional offers, discounts, and other incentives.

Leverage social media.

Social networks are a great way to reach out to existing customers and acquire new ones. Share exciting promotions, photos of your dishes, or anything else you think might be interesting to your followers.

Offer promotions and discounts.

Customers love a good deal, so offering promotions and discounts can help incentivize them to order more online. Whether it’s free shipping for orders over a certain amount or an easy-to-use coupon code that can be applied at checkout, customers will appreciate the savings they get when they order online.

Moreover, if you’re offering an incentive or discount to customers who order online, it makes them more likely to choose your restaurant over another that doesn’t have the same offer.

Make sure your restaurant ordering system is easy to use.

If your ordering platform is difficult to use or takes too long for customers to navigate their way through, they’re not likely to order online with you. Make sure your restaurant ordering system  is user-friendly and that customers can easily find what they’re looking for.

Make sure the checkout process is easy and secure so customers feel comfortable entering their credit card information.

Use effective visuals.

Incorporating visuals into your online ordering platform can be extremely effective in getting customers to order from you. For example, include images of your menu items on the website so customers know what they’re getting and how it looks.

Additionally, having a visually appealing site with a clear layout helps customers find their way around more easily and get to the checkout process quicker.

Include customer reviews.

Including customer reviews on your website can be incredibly useful in convincing customers to order more online. Seeing other customers’ positive experiences with your restaurant can go a long way in helping them make the decision to order from you.

It shows potential customers that you take their feedback seriously and strive to provide a quality experience.

Provide helpful customer service.

If a customer has an issue with their order or is confused about how the ordering process works, having helpful and friendly customer service reps available to answer their questions can make all the difference.

Providing customers with great service will ensure that they have a positive experience with your restaurant and are more likely to order again in the future.


It also shows that you care about providing a great experience and are willing to go the extra mile.

Following these tips will help your restaurant get more customers ordering online and ensure they have a positive experience with each order. While it can take some time to implement all of these changes, it will be worth it in the long run when your restaurant sees more orders placed online and your customers are happier.

With the right strategy, you can get your restaurant customers to order more online in no time.

Happy ordering!