9 Social Media Tips Every Small Business Needs

Every business, no matter the size, should have a social media presence. Social media strategy is as important as your content strategy, search engine optimisation, and general business strategy. If you want to improve your social media presence, here’s a list of social media tips every business needs to build a strong social media presence.

Don’t spread yourself on all platforms

We’ve reached the time when there can be the next big social media platform everyone’s talking about. You might feel the urge to spread yourself on all platforms. However, not all platforms are essential for your business formation. If it’s imperative for you to be present on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn and Pinterest, you can do that. However, each one of these social media platforms has a different audience, so you’ll have to build a different social media campaign for each of these platforms. Learn where your target audience spends the most time on, and tailor your social media strategy to appeal to them.

Use different kinds of format

Social media posts can be in different types of formats, and you shouldn’t limit yourself to one. First of all, you need to use them all to gather the data on which one performs the best. This is the first reason to support our statement that you should use different social media formats. Secondly, if you make your content versatile, you won’t bore your followers. When you offer a variety, you will spark different types of engagement. For example, a detailed video explaining how to do something can be saved as more than just a regular image combined with a detailed description under it.

Know your audience

Your entire marketing strategy should revolve around your ideal customer and the audience you want to attract and target with your service, social media strategy and website content. You need to know your audience, who they are, their demographics, what they need and how you can provide value to them. Who is the person you’re talking to with your social media posts? Know your audience, and you’ll know how to come up with content that speaks to them.

Determine the best time to post to spark engagement

The time you post on social media is important. You need to know when your target audience is most likely to use their social media apps. This helps spark engagement. If you post when no one is using their social media apps, your post could get lost in the feed. To determine the best time to post, you should take a look at your insight and determine the best time. You can use scheduling tools to schedule your posts at the best times for your social media strategy.

Promote high-performing website content through social media posts

If you truly want to push your small business forward, you should build a responsive, user-friendly and search engine-friendly website. Businesses in Australia are well aware of the importance of online visibility and social media presence, so they work with an SEO agency from Sydney to get the most relevant traffic. Seo professionals will advise you on your content marketing strategy, which you can combine with your social media strategy. Let’s say you have an amazing blog piece you can promote on social media. You’ll cover a social media slot in your weekly schedule and drive your followers to visit your website. This is a win-win for both of your strategies, you’ll boost engagement and drive traffic to your website.

Consistency is the key

Consistency is the key even when you feel the efforts aren’t achieving the expected results. Building a social media presence takes time, especially if you’re doing it organically. You can speed things up a bit if you boost some posts, but this won’t ensure you get better numbers. The quality of your content will increase your social media following, not the percentage of boosted posts. Post with consistency in mind. Preparing your social media content ahead of your posting schedule is also advisable, so you won’t have to come up with social media ideas at short notice. Plan at least one month ahead so you’ll have time to monitor the data while also working on the social media strategy for the next month.

Quality is always better than sheer quantity

Image by Sabine Kroschel from Pixabay 

People sometimes think that only if they post more they’ll get better results. Even though this might be the solution for some, it’s the quality that will always win. When you invest your time to build a great visual and come up with a well-researched and engaging copy that triggers a reaction in your target audience, you’ll spark engagement. This is more valuable than posting daily and not getting any feedback from your followers.

Use social proof

Social proof can be a great way to provide value to your followers. Maybe someone is interested in your product or service but needs more information to be persuaded to buy or sign up. When they see a video testimonial of a satisfied customer, who has the same problem as they do, they will be more interested in your offer. Always remember that your ideal customer or members of your audience are real people with real needs and reel problems. You are there for them, not the other way around. Give them social proof and also show user-generated content, but with permission, of course.

Learn how to read your data

You need to know how to read the data, so you’ll measure the performance and know how to adjust your current strategy. Each post on social media offers you unique insight into your target audience’s behaviour and how well they’ve interacted with the post. When you interpret the data correctly, you’ll know how to use your social media strategy.

In addition to these nine social media tips, here’s one extra – just start. Whether you want to do this on your own or want to team up with a digital marketing agency that covers both SEO and social media, just recognise that the best moment to start is now.