Versatile Applications of Pallet Inverters

Pallet inverters are designed for flipping or rotating the pallets. The equipment is used in different industrial sectors. The reasons to rotate a pallet differ, but the main reason is to, quickly switch incorrectly placed or damaged pallets without piling the entire load on another pallet. It is time-consuming and tedious to turn pallets around manually.

Basic types of pallet inverters

  • Forklift loading pallet inverters – It is a common type that can be attached to the forklift truck’s forks for inverting pallet loads with easy and quickly. You can buy forklift loading inverters in hydraulic and electric versions. The former version depends on your forklift truck’s hydraulic capabilities to power the pump. The latter version supplies electricity that in turn powers the hydraulic pump.
  • Ground level loading pallet inverters – These are designed to lift and transport the pallets. You don’t need a forklift. You get to choose between an electric energy source and human power. The loads can be moved up, down, and horizontally. The equipment is equipped with advanced safety technology to avoid injuries during operations.
  • Ramp loading pallet inverters – These machine kinds are used to move and position the loaded pallets at ground level. Mechanical drives are used for movement. It is easily navigable with no load damage risk or speed variations. It is a great choice for short travel distances and loading in tight areas like warehouses.
  • Recline rotate pallet inverters – The machine can recline and rotate loaded pallets. It makes loading and unloading simple and easy. The Chemical, pharmaceutical and food sectors use this model.

TopIndustries offer more than 50 kinds of pallet inverter models along with 15 different logistic lines. The designers and developers can customize the inline pallet changer system based on the client’s product type, workflow, warehouse space, and more. The application of pallet inverters is versatile.

Which sectors need pallet inverters?

Food & beverage sector

It is the major customer of pallet inverters because of multiple reasons. Some of the benefits include –

  • Efficiently and safely handling edible items.
  • Reduce product damages.
  • Increases accuracy and speed of packing products.
  • Transfer of shipped food products from wooden pallets to plastic pallets before storing in sanitized rooms
  • Dry ingredients like sugar, salt, spices, or flour get shipped in large sacks. They are prone to ripping or tearing. If the sack at the bottom is torn then it is hard to remove without re-piling the entire load.
  • Some dry ingredients need rotating or flipping because they become caked due to tight packing.
  • The machine works without jolting and it has fewer moving parts so maintenance is friendly.

Pharmaceutical sector

In the pharmaceutical sector, compliance and safety are crucial for the import and export of products. Every warehouse needs to be compliant with current regulations. Pallet inverters –

  • Reduces manual labor.
  • Material is handled safely and with ease.
  • Few workplace accidents
  • Clamps can retract and expand sufficiently.
  • The inverter handles heavy loads with ease.
  • The engine is housed in an enclosed part at the machine’s rear side. This ensures that the dripping grease or oil leaks don’t contaminate the goods.

Chemical sector

In the chemical sector, pallet inverters are gaining popularity because –

  • Automates the loading and unloading of heavy tanks.
  • Moves containers and drums safely because the equipment has a safety locking system.
  • Tilts the vessels for easy cleaning and even inspection.

Pallet inverters are also applied in printing, construction, transport, and many other sectors! Here is LinkedIn profile, where you can follow TopIndustries latest technology and customer feedback.