What are the Most Popular Types of Food Packaging?

Food packaging is an issue that remains under constant check always. The regulatory agencies monitoring the food and beverage production also monitors the packaging materials that get used. Only the food-safe plastics can be used here which do not react with the food inside. This ensures that the food is safe inside and is fit to consume. 

Here are some of the bags that get commonly used in food industry and are marked safe. 

Side seal bags

These are the folded Polyethylene sheets that are sealed at each side. These can be found with flat or bottom gussets. These can be customized with or without a lip. Most consumers and retailers use this. Their size and printing can be customized as per your product. 

Bottom seal bags

These bags are made by cutting the sheet into individual seamless tubing. They are sealed at the bottom and are found in the flat or side gusset variants. With this style, you will get the strongest available seal. It is also perfect to be used for heavy-duty purposes. 

Side gusset bags

This bag has a fold in the side of the pouch. This allows the bag to expand when any content is inserted into it. These bags have three dimensions; length, width and depth. Sizes can be customized based on this.

Bottom gusset bags

These types of bags have a fold in the bottom of the pouch. This allows the bag to expand when the materials are inserted into them. These bags have three designated dimensions, the bottom gusset where width is multiplied to the length and is added to the gusset. The bottom corners of the bag won’t be sticking out after packing. Bulkier items can be nearly packaged because of its expandability. 

Bottom load with sealed header bags

Here, one side of the bag is longer than the other. This allows the bag to get easily opened. You can add your own customization here pretty easily. An impulse sealer can seal the bag quite easily. The bag can be made with flat flash cut bottoms or an offset lip. This helps packaging in automatic or semi-automatic assembly lines. 

T-shirt bags

These bags are pretty much convenient to load absolutely anything in them ranging from food to hardware or others. These bags are very crisp and are equally strong and attractive. They are also very convenient to carry around. 

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