Everything You Need to Know about Trading with EXANTE

If you have been on the hunt for a comprehensive and legitimate trading platform, you have likely come across EXANTE, an award-winning global broker licensed by governmental agencies in Malta, Cyprus, Hong Kong, and the UK. EXANTE attracts many traders with its strong market reputation, relatively low fees, and a vast array of trading solutions.

What do you need to know to start trading with EXANTE? Explore the most crucial information in this EXANTE broker review.


First of all, it is important to know that EXANTE offers three main products.

The central product provided by the broker is the EXANTE trading platform, which facilitates the selection, customization, and execution of trading orders.

The trading platform can be further empowered by integrating the API designed for automated trading. EXANTE helps its customers leverage the power of algorithmic trading through the FIX 4.4 bridge, which facilitates data retrieval from exchanges and automates order execution.

Note that the FIX bridge can also be integrated with other trading tools.

Furthermore, EXANTE offers its HTTP API, based on HTTP REST and HTTP streaming APIs, which gives users access to live and historical quotes as well as key data related to the trading account. This API can serve as a powerful addition to custom data-rich financial applications.

How Much Do You Have to Pay for Using EXANTE?

You can utilize the software provided by EXANTE for free. EXANTE does not charge any account management fees. However, a fee is required if you do not use EXANTE for a prolonged period.

An inactivity fee of 50 EUR/GBP per month is charged if you have a positive balance below EUR 5,000 and have not used your account for trading during the past 90 days. This includes both executing trades and opening new orders.

EXANTE does not charge you for depositing money; however, standard withdrawal operations will cost you 30 EUR/GBP per transaction. Margin trading is also free with EXANTE as long as your margin utilization is below 100%.

Further Fee Breakdown

Despite the free access to the EXANTE trading platform, you should keep in mind the following fees, some of which are charged by the broker and others are imposed by exchanges:

  • Manual trade execution fee of 90 EUR/GBP per order placed via email or phone call;
  • Fee for shorting stocks equaling 12% of the transaction by default, which may vary based on market conditions;
  • Custody fee for bonds of 0.3% annually;
  • Variable fees for trades determined by the issuing exchange;
  • Variable overnight fees for FX and short trading;
  • Variable interest fees for negative cash positions.

Platform’s Compatibility with Operating Systems

To start trading with EXANTE, you should first choose your preferred version of the platform. It can be installed on your personal computer or mobile device as a standalone application or accessed directly through your browser. The standalone EXANTE software supports popular operating systems such as Android, iOS, Microsoft, macOS, and Linux distributions.

Types of EXANTE Accounts

EXANTE offers two types of accounts: live personal accounts and live corporate accounts, both of which are used for investing real money. To register for one of these accounts, you must provide documents for identity verification. For a corporate account, you must also provide documentation to verify the status of your company.

Meanwhile, you can take your time to learn about the EXANTE platform without risking your money or going through the hassle of account verification. The broker offers a demo account, which comes with 1 million EUR that can be used to simulate real trading. Note that this account does not provide real-time data, as there is an average delay of 30 minutes.

Instruments and Markets

Once your account, whether live or demo, is set up for trading, you can choose from various markets. Through a single platform, you can access over 50 leading world markets and trade more than a million products such as stocks, ETFs, futures, bonds, options, currencies, and commodities like metals.

Customer Support

EXANTE provides its customers with responsive customer support, available through email, phone, and chat 24/7. While email and phone support are available in English, the chat feature allows you to discuss your concerns with EXANTE specialists in other languages.

Bottom Line

EXANTE caters to experienced traders seeking a comprehensive solution that provides access to diverse markets and products, and supports advanced trading features, including integration with tools for algorithmic trading. At the same time, the broker offers necessary assistance to beginners, such as providing a free demo account.

EXANTE also helps traders minimize unnecessary costs by eliminating account management and deposit fees. Additionally, its platform supports free margin trading for margin utilization below 100%.

The EXANTE broker allows you to focus on trading with peace of mind, while the professional customer support, available through various communication channels, is ready to assist you around the clock.

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