4 Suggestions for Optimizing Your Ecommerce Landing Pages

Ecommerce stores are a lot more than just big brands with their attention-grabbing logos and shiny products. An e-commerce website must give shoppers direction, information, experience, and most importantly a ‘buy now’ button. They need to provide a seamless shopping experience to shoppers.

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The growth of an e-commerce website will hinge on how effective the landing page is. Here are a few hacks for you to consider if you want to optimize your landing pages and hence experience sales growth.

Eradicate Site Navigation

The quality of an e-store can be judged by how easy it is to navigate on the site. E-store marketers need to focus on the Call to Action (CTA). There may be some distractions on the homepage, like product categories and other links or buttons. These can distract site visitors from sales offers and delay their purchase decisions. Removing site navigation will help you create an attractive and easy landing page.

The goal should be to get users to click on the CTA button. If this part of the landing page contains no other additional offers or links, it will be easier to get your customers to click here. You will need to remove other navigational links, drop-down menus, categories, and side menus. Adopt this practice to get more clicks on your CTA button.

Compelling CTA (Call to Action)

A simple and frictionless CTA is highly effective. Having such a CTA will help attract your audience to your store. Use phrases and words that will explicitly encourage users to buy, signup, or transfer to a sales representative. A persuasive and clear CTA will make it easy for shoppers to make purchase decisions. This will help shorten your sales funnel as well. This way marketers will be able to swiftly achieve sales conversion targets.

According to research, your landing page will have a higher sales conversion rate (13.50 percent) if there is just one clear CTA as opposed to landing pages with between two and four CTAs. With five and more CTAs this rate falls to 10.5 percent. There is a clear negative relationship between the number of CTAs and sales conversion.

Don’t Forget to Add Social Proof Notifications

Adding social proof notifications is a great way to win the trust of your customers. You can display these notifications in the form of customer testimonials among other methods.

Such notifications have a lot of benefits for e-stores. In addition to building trust among customers, they will also help cash in on the fear of missing out (FOMO). This provides a great opportunity to market the products you are selling. Site visitors will feel the products are worth using. They will also feel there is a void if they don’t purchase those products right when they see a social proof notification.

Optimize for Mobile Devices

The easy accessibility of cell phones has helped e-commerce grow remarkably. The industry got a dramatic boost because of the Covid pandemic. According to a Google survey, over 62 percent of respondents said they won’t consider buying on a website in the future that offers a poor user experience on their cellphones.

Make sure you are delivering a seamless and hassle-free e-store experience, particularly for those purchasing through their cellphones.

Summing Up

Starting any business is a challenging task. The same applies to starting an e-commerce enterprise. However, with a strong workforce and planning, you can make your dream of successfully running an online selling platform viable.

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