4 Things You Ought to Know Before Purchasing Mannequins for a Store

Visual merchandising is such a vital aspect. Whether it is the jewelry, footwear, or apparel business – you need to create a stellar display for prospective and existing buyers. A visually appealing space can lure customers to enter the store and buy more things.

Visual merchandising ideas are constantly evolving – mannequins are certainly popular. When the store puts mannequins, the buyers are able to visualize themselves wearing the clothes, shoes, or jewelry.

Jewelry designers, pop-up stores, clothing stores, fashionistas, and even professional merchandisers are using mannequins to glam up their stores.

Please don’t invest in any kind of mannequin as you need the right one. It is such an important aspect, so you shouldn’t buy a shoddy one.

This article will reveal the 4 things you ought to know before purchasing mannequins for your store. Let’s get started!

#1 Types and Styles

You can get full-body mannequins, ghost mannequins, and even stand-alone parts.

So, the first one – full-body mannequin, comes in fixed and adjustable types. If you want to change the position of the mannequin every day, then an adjustable one is good.

You can also opt for stand-alone mannequins. These are best for jewelry designers or anyone who focuses on specific products such as footwear or sunglasses.

#2 Why do you need a mannequin

Now that you know about the types and styles, you can figure out which one will solve your purpose.

If you are selling clothes for men and women, buy both gender full-body mannequins. If you are selling jewelry, you may need a hand, legs, neck with head, and so on. All these are stand-alone parts.

#3 Appearance is everything

You must choose a mannequin that looks aesthetically appealing. The buyers should walk into the store based on what they see outside (the display).

Make sure you’re buying something visually appealing. Once you have purchased the mannequin, your duty is to dress it up beautifully.

#4 Material

Mannequins are made of quite a few materials. The most popular one is the displetech mannequin commerciaux plastic. Plastic mannequins have been around for years, and they continue to be popular. You could also opt for wood, canvas, metal, and so on.

Plastic mannequins are lighter and also flexible, metal can be very heavy. Thus, it is a better choice.

Summing up:

We hope this article helped you make a decision.

A store is empty and lifeless without mannequins. Focus on visual merchandising as the buyers will walk in seeing the mannequins dressed in an attractive outfit.

We’re sure your store would look stellar with a dolled-up high-quality mannequin.