A beginner’s guide to using hair rollers properly

Hair rollers create bouncy curls and waves that last all day long. But for rollers to work their styling magic, be sure to use them correctly. Improper roller placement or application leads to awkward lumps or flat sections instead of smooth volume. Select the size rollers based on your hair length for proper curl formation. Short hair usually requires 1 to 1 1⁄2 inch rollers. Medium-length hair suits 1 1⁄2 to 2-inch sizes best. For longer locks, opt for jumbo 2 to 3-inch rollers so hair wraps easily without excessive pulling or sagging. The bigger the roller, the looser the curl results.

Part hair cleanly in sections

Start by parting clean, product-free hair into even sections. It ensures full coverage as you place rollers. Work horizontally first from front hairline to nape in 2 to 4-inch partitions depending on thickness. Then make vertical parts framing the face and down the back. Keep sections neat and consistent in size. Wrap sections smoothly around rollers without crossing or overlapping hair over itself. Roll hair under along the roller with slight tension from roots to ends. Avoid rolling up loosely or unevenly. The hair should lay snug to the roller surface to get full curl formation. Secure the ends neatly with clips.

Roll with roller direction

Place rollers horizontally starting at the lower sections near your neck. Roll the hair under following the roller’s direction, not vertically or upwards. It creates a smooth curl pattern. For the top and sides of your head, roll sections vertically smoothing hair under towards the face. Alternate rolling some sections vertically and others horizontally as you work around the head. It creates volume with curl variation rather than tightly curled ringlets all going the same way. Place rollers facing different directions within sections for dimensional results.

Roll under for volume

Rolling hair under and towards the roots creates fullness and lift. Rolling too far down the hair shafts gives a limp appearance at the crown. Maintain 1 to 2 inches of roller space between your scalp and where hair starts wrapping for optimal lift and body. Avoid rolling hair over itself next to the roots or styling products there. It causes clumpy lumps rather than smooth curl formation. Keep hair smooth and flat against rollers for consistent curling. Ensure you fully set the hair at the crown by placing rollers horizontally across the top of your head. Setting this area properly prevents dents or flat spots. Roll hair back off the hairline for lift. For extra volume, pin curl any short fringe pieces individually.

Check placement thoroughly

Inspect your finished roller set closely in the mirror before applying heat. Make sure sections are smooth, no hair is sticking out and all areas are evenly set from roots to ends. Rollers should lay flat on the head, not stick out. Correct any messy sections to prevent weird kinks or creases. Follow your roller instructions for proper heat settings and application time. Most rollers work best heated to medium or high. Apply even heat thoroughly over every section until hair salons fort lauderdale feels warm to the touch and is completely dry. Insufficient heating fails to set the curls properly.