The Top Mistakes People Make When Renting Ice Skates

Ice skating is a fun and popular activity. Most people, when they go ice skating, do not bring their own equipment or skates from home. Rather, they rent it from the nearby shops there. When you think about renting ice skates, you do not give it much thought. However, there are several ways you could go wrong while renting skates. 

Some mistakes you make while renting ice skates can cost you time and money and ruin your day when you had hoped to do a fun activity with your friend. By becoming aware and avoiding these mistakes, you can have a safer and more enjoyable experience. To rent the best ice skating equipment, visit Liquida Sport location patins à glace today. 

The top mistakes people make when renting ice skates

  • Not choosing the right fit. 

One of the worst mistakes you can make when renting ice skates is choosing the wrong foot size. It is important to understand that your shoe size and your ice skate size are not the same. This is a rookie mistake people make. You may think your skates fit you alright, but as you skate for more than 10 or 15 minutes, you will start feeling discomfort and even get injuries. Do not be too fast to choose your skates and take your time to pick the right size. 

  • Wearing the wrong kind of socks. 

Another common mistake people make is picking the wrong kind of socks. It is advised always not to wear thick socks. This advice might seem absurd since you will want to wear thick socks to protect yourself from the cold of the mountains. However, if you wear thick socks, you won’t be able to feel the skates and your feet will feel mush. Wearing thin socks will allow you better control since you will be able to feel your skates. 

  • Ignoring the skate type. 

There are different types of skates made for different purposes. For example, skating, ice skating, hockey, recreational skating, etc. If you pick hockey skates to go for ice skating, not only will you not be able to operate your skates properly, but potentially meet with a severe accident. Make sure you select the appropriate type of skate according to the activity you are going to do. 

  • Not paying attention to the skate’s laces. 

Laces are among the most important features of skates as they help you with control. Sometimes, the best skates do not have the best laces. If your laces open while skating, you could potentially trip and injure yourself. 

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