Responsibilities of an Architect in Designing a Factory

The architects who work to design factories and other facilities need to work in close association with civil engineers. Hence, delivering satisfactory designs become easier. But there lies some other important tasks on the architect’s shoulders. They are responsible for developing all the stages of the project, right from the drafting to delivering it to the client. Here are certain specific responsibilities listed that the architects need to meet.

Project discussion

The factory designs need to be the comprehensive outcomes of the client demands. This is the idea or the concept that the clients want to bring to life. This can be done when the architects hold detailed discussions and meetings with multiple team members and experienced engineers. The final approval of the design can be passed then.

Documentation and drawing

The detailed designs that need to be created for the projects are under the responsibilities of the architects themselves. They examine the feasibility of the drawings before finally passing them. Earlier, it was done manually, but today they use CAD and BIM software to advance the process. The drawings take place in multiple stages where constant revision is done to align with the customer needs, budgets as well as regulations.

Cost estimation

This is a very important stage and architects need to abide by the budget restrictions. With good planning over the cost estimation, they can allow better access and control over the resource allocation and utilisation. The architects aim to not only build the entire structure but bring aesthetic and artistic designs as the final result. For this, they need underlying MEP installation and the budget needs to be planned likewise.

Construction stage

Once the design is done and approved, this stage can begin. But once this stage begins, the architects need to visit the sites regularly and meet and discuss the progression. They need to oversee the contracts, dealings and modifications in the construction. They also need to work out and resolve the obstacles that are happening or that may happen. Multiple stages of construction would produce documentation of various types. These need approval and signature from the architect.

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