Top HR Trends You Should Be Paying Attention To In 2022

The human resource function is one of the business aspects with new emerging trends that companies must prepare for. As the working setup changed from a face-to-face to a remote model, HR managers are under the strain of processing paperwork, keeping workers productive, and planning the remote-work policies. 

In light of these adversities, companies must be proactive in embracing new solutions to keep their workforces stable amidst the turbulent situation of the economy and industries. Here are the top five HR trends Florida companies must pay attention to.

Shifting the Hiring Process

As of June 2020, around 7.7 million workers lost their jobs due to the pandemic-induced recession. Now, the economy is starting to get back to its pre-pandemic pace, and companies are remobilizing their operations by rebuilding their workforce. And the trend is replacing lost workers, not from the outside but internally.

This trend entails promoting qualified individuals who are already part of the company. It is effective in giving recognition to well-performing employees. Additionally, it reduces the stress of conducting a background check Florida, improves retention, encourages productivity, and accelerates the hiring process.

Managing Multi-generational Workforces

Today’s multi-generational workforce constitutes a mix of the baby boomer generation, Generation X, the millennial generation, and Generation Z. Having a multi-generational workforce is a big challenge as each age group has different motivations, mindsets, goals, and expectations. 

But employing multi-generation staff has been seen to increase innovation and problem-solving. Therefore, HR managers need to carefully plan out the work setting to minimize the intergenerational communications barriers and to continually improve them through feedback.

Aligning With Business Goals to Drive Impact

Traditionally, the HR department is involved only with the hiring, onboarding, benefits, and payroll services. But modern ways now require HR managers to align human resource strategies with that of the company strategies. Doing it gives the firm better potential to reach its goals.And aligning HR with the business goals boosts employee satisfaction and performance.

Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

Hiring diverse teams from global sources made the remote working setup more advantageous. This encompasses varying gender, age, religion, race, ethnicity, cultural background, sexual orientation, languages, education, abilities. Demonstrating diversity and inclusion in the workplace translates into higher innovation, variety in perspectives, improved company reputation, higher employee engagement, and better decision making. 

Revamping of Employee Perks and Benefits

The changes due to COVID-19 also affected the employees’ priorities and expectations. In 2022, companies should anticipate these effects and revamp employee perks and benefits. For example, they can offer financial wellness programs, remote work flexibility, mental health support, loan repayments, and personalized benefits.

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